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I occasionally write for Psypost:

  1. Memory reactivation during sleep may  not always improve memory consolidation

  2. Sleep effort mediates the relationship between anxiety and depression, study finds

  3. MDMA-assisted therapy appears to alter how the brain responds to symptom provocation in patients with PTSD

  4. Nightmare sufferers may find relief through innovative therapy approach

Brain Awareness Week 2023 initiative:

  1. Discovering the Wonders of the Human Brain.

  2. Sleep and Mental Health: a Bidirectional Relationship

  3. The Brain-Climate Connection: The Hidden Impact of Rising Temperatures

  4. Neuroplasticity, Learning, and more ‘Neuromatch’ for all

  5. Understanding the Miniature Map of your Body in the Brain

  6. How One Man’s Brain Changed the Course of Neuroscience 

  7. Squids are size champions in the nerve fiber world

Sleeping the Mood Away: Targeted memory reactivation as a new technique for managing emotional responses.

Researcher Insights Issue NO. 1. The Neuroscience of Sleep. (pp. 10-11).

Greco, V., Bergamo, D., Cuoccio, P., Konkoly, R. K., Lombardo, M. K., & Lewis, P. (2022).

Wearing an Eye Mask During Overnight Sleep Improves Episodic Learning and Alertness. Sleep.

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